What is mis-sold PPI?

Payment protection insurance, PPI, was mis-sold to millions of people by being added onto loans and credit cards.

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You have been mis-sold PPI if any of the following apply:

  • It wasn’t made clear to you that the insurance was optional?
  • You weren’t told of any exclusions to the policy – reasons why the insurance wouldn’t cover you?
  • If you were advised into taking out the insurance this could be a problem too.
  • You didn’t actually give consent to taking on a PPI policy.

It’s very easy to use 3DM Legal. Simple start by using our free PPI check, this can be done online through our quick and simple online application alternatively call our UK call centre who will arrange to send out a Free PPI check pack.

Further factors that determine whether PPI was mis-sold include the duration of the insurance compared to the length of the loan. Many policies simply didn't last as long as the repayment schedule and this meant the policy provided insufficient cover, classifying it as mis-sold.

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