Can I Claim?

An estimated £50billion worth of PPI policies were mis-sold over the last 15 years. We make it our priority to claim back for those who are entitled to it. Outlined below is the process we suggest you follow.  It is the process we follow in order to successfully claim back thousands of pounds for our clients.


Step 1: Review

– Review all loans, credit cards and financial agreements back to 2001

– Try and identify where PPI (also could be called loan repayment insurance, credit insurance) was added or included in the agreement


Step 2: Launch an investigation

You are welcome to launch an investigation yourself or you may wish to contact 3DM Legal to investigate whether you were sold a PPI policy.  You can do this by:

– Completing our simple to use free check application form, or
– downloading, completing and returning to us the paperwork, or
– Contacting us by phone


Step 3: Complete an application

If you do instruct us to assist, you will need to complete an application.  As part of this, we use the information already provided to us above.  You may need to ask a few questions so that we have all relevant information.  You will also need to:

–  Complete and return the forms of authority for each bank being investigated
–  Keep a record of policy numbers, if applicable


Step 4: Sign the application

You will need to make sure the application form is signed before returning to 3DM Legal.


Step 5: Sit back and wait for an update

Once all the paperwork is submitted, we advise that it can take up to 50 days to receive any response. We will keep in touch with you and update you when there is anything to report.

You can speak to one of our advisors at any time to talk through the status of your application.


Step 6: The Results

Once we find out whether you have had PPI, we will discuss with you what, if any, action can be taken.

You are free at any time to pursue a claim yourself against a lender or instruct someone else to do so.  Alternatively, you can engage 3DM legal to act on your behalf.  We would discuss your options and any cost implication to you and make sure you have all the information to make an informed choice about whether to proceed.