Are you eligible for a claim? 



PPI, also known as Payment Protection Insurance, is an insurance policy created to protect the borrower when they are unable to pay their loan or credit card repayments. It was sold in one of two ways, either as a lump sum when you initially took out the finance or added on as a monthly payment based on a percentage of the balance.

If you took out a loan or credit card with PPI you may be eligible to claim.

To be eligible to claim, did any of the following apply to you?

  • The policy must not have been taken out prior to 2001
  • The PPI was sold to you without your knowledge or was described as a compulsory addition of the loan
  • You were given false information about what the insurance would cover
  • The insurance didn’t cover the length of the loan

We are a legal firm and are authorised to represent you and to act on your behalf to a claim for compensation for mis-sold PPI. We are based in the Midlands but assist clients from across England & Wales.  We have an experienced team of advisors on hand to lead you through the process and answer any questions you may have.