Free Check Process


Free Check Process


One in nine adults don’t know if they ever took out PPI on their loans and credit cards.

We can find out if you had PPI on any of your loans or credit cards (or other finances) for free.

By simply completing our short form, we will then be able to investigate the position on your behalf. Once we have found out if you had any PPI we will get in touch and discuss your options.   We will ensure that you are provided with full and frank information to enable you to make an informed decision.

Our team of specialists will be able to investigate any credit cards, loans or mortgages to find out if you have ever paid PPI. This process is genuinely free and without obligation!

If we determine that you don’t have PPI once going through the PPI Free Check, there is nothing further that we can do to assist.  However, you won’t have incurred any cost in asking us to assist up to this point and so you have nothing to lose.

If we have established that you have paid PPI and that you have a valid claim that the PPI was mis-sold, we will discuss with you your options.   One of those options would be to instruct us to pursue the claim on your behalf.  It is only at that point would there be a cost to you.

Once we have established you have a claim to make then we will take further instructions and draft further paperwork for you to verify and complete which will start the claims process.

If you decide to instruct 3DM Legal to pursue your claim and that claim is successful, then we will charge a fee based on a percentage (plus VAT) of any compensation you receive.   Our charges would be fully discussed and agreed with you in advance of our undertaking any work.  Please note, however, that if your claim is unsuccessful and you do not receive any compensation then we won’t charge you anything.  A true no win no fee arrangement!